Blindly Waiting


Attached below is a poem that I have written about someone that is very close to my heart, but not even close to me.

“You’ve touched me, without even touching me.” – Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey

Fall 2015.

New job and new semester, I was waiting for my person to appear.

“You’ll meet ‘him’ in college”, they said, and I lay waiting.

Bored and uninterested, I log on.

An hour passes,

We met. One screen to the other.

You were the first person I saw who wasn’t ready to bust out of his pants.

Your cool smile and even cooler personality chilled my fiery suspicion.

15 minutes, 

Is all it takes for us to decide to keep in touch.

We can’t get get enough of each other, yet we’ve never received.

I smile as I surrender to your brown eyes.

More than a year later…

And you can still put me in that “giggly school girl mood”.

Though we’ve never touched, I can feel your fingertips trace my skin.

Your lips brush against mine. Your arms grabbing me closer.

Few months longer…

You’ve moved to a different country, a different continent, a crisp jungle.

Here I am, still in the same place. My feet cemented in the California pasture.

My legs unable to move and my arms unable to reach.

1 month, 0 days, 6 hours, 7 minutes, 25 seconds.

That’s how long it’s been since we’ve both seen that chat bubble with the three dots flickering on the screen.

I feel as though I’ve known you forever and that we share more than just our first name.

12 hours. Half a day. No sleep.

We’ve never touched, yet I have memorized your touch.

Here I am laying in bed, blindly waiting for your embrace.


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