I’ve fallen for every chapter of you that I know and even for those I have yet to read.

Your words twist and turn around my ears and amaze my soul. Like a cup of coffee, your thoughts awaken me.

As I flip through your pages, I understand them as if they were my own. My finger tips trace the minor flaws, the tears and rips, as they find home.

Hours, Days, Weeks, fly by like butterflies migrating. Their wings carrying the words I wish to say to you, but my voice is too weak to fly thousands of miles. We go for hours, days, weeks, without saying a word.

I try to move on, it’s too good to be true. It’s just a twisted fantasy. The thought that one day…

One day…

Although I never want to, I wonder if I should shut the book we started and turn away.

Yet, every time I’m remotely close to even choosing closure to save the both of us, you reel me back in; baiting me with your warm toned words, your cool laugh, your vibrant smile. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

My heart skips a beat and I think to myself, “Maybe this time, there will be no silence. Maybe this time the story won’t end.”


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